Art, Technology, and Preservation of Jung’s “Red Book” for the Future

Hugh Milstein, DigitalFusion co-founder and Imago Novus creator, presents at PACIFICA Graduate Institute Symposium

In 2007, Carl Jung’s “Red Book”, the private journal he began in 1913, was released from the family vault in Zurich for the first time in decades and given to Hugh Milstein from DigitalFusion to evaluate and archive for future generations. The digitizing of this rare manuscript represented a new age of technological and aesthetic preservation pioneered by DigitalFusion.

Today, there is a new excitement surrounding the worlds aging and rare artifacts. They can be precisely digitized in a way that captures all of the integrity and subtlety of the original. This breathes new life and accessibility into the worlds great treasures.

This February, at the Pacifica Graduate Institute in Santa Barbara, Hugh will be part of a lecture series speaking on art and technology, revealing the technological transformations that have occurred in the last 11 years allowing Jung’s “Red Book” masterwork to be printed with amazing clarity as fine art prints. Hugh’s dedication to marrying technology to fine art has resulted in his creation of Imago Novus, a innovative branding and authentication method developed specifically for “The Red Book” Limited Edition Fine Art Prints.

Hugh Milstein is co-founder and president of DigitalFusion, a leading creative services company in Los Angeles. They are known worldwide for the capture and reproduction of fine art pieces and their archival storage. Hugh was recently named to the “100 Most Important People in Photography” by American Photographer Magazine.

The Art and Transformative Psychology
of C.G. Jung’s “Red Book”

A Symposium with Joseph Cambray, Lionel Corbett, Peter Frank, Nancy Swift Furlotti, Hugh Milstein, Sonu Shamdasani, and Willow Young

February 21–23, 2014

After a long period of self-reflection and self-experimentation, which he called “confrontation with the unconscious,” Liber Novus or the “Red Book” emerged from Jung’s psyche in elaborately written and beautifully illustrated form. Through the process of losing and regaining his soul, important tenets of his life’s work with the soul and psyche were birthed. After living a life in the family vault, the book emerged, was expertly digitized, and published. Six years later, the “Red Book”, with its exquisite images and provocative messages still captivates our imagination and travels the world, now in yet a new form as fine art prints.

This symposium brings together Jungian analysts, scholars, and artistic thinkers for a weekend of critical and creative dialogues about Jung’s contributions to science, religion, psychology, art, and perception. We will celebrate Jung, the visionary creative artist,and explore Jung, the scientist. The weekend will begin with the opening reception for an exhibition of “The Red Book” Limited Edition Fine Art Prints. Join us for a stimulating and provocative weekend in Santa Barbara.

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The Red Book by C. G. Jung © 2009 by the Foundation for the Works of C. G. Jung, Zurich.
Notes © 2013 Sonu Shamdasani. Translations from The Red Book © 2009 Mark Kyburz, John Peck and Sonu Shamdasani.
The Red Book by C. G. Jung is a W. W. Norton & Company publication by arrangement with the Foundation for the Works of C. G. Jung, Zurich.